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After another busy off season the Krikke Boys promotional team is gearing up for the 21st anniversary of the Annual Krikke Boys Shootout in 2018. Yes, the excitement, color and spectacle will be there but some new and innovative additions will be added to give our valued patrons the excitement they crave when they attend this race. Now haled as one of the "must see" sprintcar events in Australia the format will be released soon so keep on checking the sight to get a first hand glimpse. Also, Erin Jackson has joined the team and brings her field of sponsorship knowledge to the event and says "big things" are in planning for this special event. "It is great to work alongside Ron and John. . The Boys Race is all about two huge nights of Sprintcar Heaven. This season's event will be big and the public will see it like never before. Stay tuned all you Sprintcar die hards and WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!  



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Fan Feedback on WHY this race is so Special! By: Dean Neal Any querying regarding the status and affection with which the Krikke Family are held is certainly answered by the following messages of best wishes to the Krikke Family - from right around the world: "I send best wishes to the entire Krikke family and hope that the Krikke Boys Shootout is a terrific event once again. I got to know Ryan Krikke quite well with his working on crews involved with the World of Outlaws. The Krikkes are well known and genuine people to boot...all the best and do it for the Boys!" Johnny Gibson - World of Outlaws Race Caller

"It's funny how you watch and admire these marvelous men of Sprintcar racing, and through it all you place these heroes in such high regard that you forget they are actually normal people. The Krikkes are well known superstars of our sport yet are just a fantastic family to know and talk to. From seeing the Bunbury Bullet in action on the track to kicking a football amidst a corn-field laden farm in Ohio near Eldora, I can honestly say it's a pleasure to know the Krikkes'. Thank you for being a part of my time in Speedway , and you can be sure I'll walk by the back of the truck every speedway night even if it's just to say 'g day'. As we know all too well, we must live life to the fullest. And that is exactly, the Krikke way of life!" Daniel Beard - 2001 Knoxville Hall of Fame Australian Media Member of the year and webmaster of Sprintcarworld

"G'day John and Ron, Regrettably here I am in a motel room in Adelaide at 1.15 a.m. collecting emails when instead I should be thinking about packing for a (Qantas!) flight to Perth and on to Bunbury for the Boys Memorial. Sadly this clashing V8 Supercar commitment at the Clipsal 500 prevents me from what my heart really wants to do. I'd dearly like to be there with you to celebrate the lives of Darryl and Jason, to remember their all too brief contribution to the sport of Sprintcar racing and the indelible mark that they left for ones so young. The Krikke Boys Memorial continues to grow in prestige and recognition (nationally and internationally) which is a fitting tribute, one which continues to perpetuate their memory. The Krikke family is unquestionably Australia 's answer to the fabled Kinser clan, there can be no higher praise than that. Here on the east coast the speedway fraternity have fond memories of Darryl's rise to prominence and a potentially stellar career tragically curtailed all too prematurely. Please accept my sincere apologies for my inability to attend, a situation I hope to rectify next year as the Boys Memorial grows in stature. I trust the quality and caliber of the competition are a fitting reflection of the esteem in which the boys were held and my thoughts are with you during this time." Jon Evans - Editor Oval Express Magazine


"Speedway is a sport that relies heavily on good family ties and as far as that goes there is no stronger family in the sport than the Krikke family of WA. Ever since our first trip over to Western Australia for World Series Sprintcars we have been fortunate enough to be welcomed into their extended  family. Our first trip over there gave us our first glimpse  of a young fella that was undoubtedly going to be a champion of the future. His  name was Darryl Krikke, son of Ron. Our first glimpse of Darryl and he finishes 2 places in front of his better credentialed father. One thing all good racers realize is they need a good Crew Chief and the Krikke family was no exception,  hence Jason's desire to fill that role, given Darryl's great early form, Jason had a good handle on that side of the business. I remember the time Darryl was to start off of the front row at the WSS round at Warrnambool and came together with Max and withdrew because of steering problems and the time we all had a good laugh at the El Toro motel in Liverpool NSW for the Australian Title at  Parramatta . It was with much sadness we learnt of the terrible accident that took the lives of Darryl and Jason. I remember walking into the workshop the day Trevor got the ill fated phone call from members of his family, I thought from the look on Trevor's face a member of our family had been taken from us, they had. The Krikke boys memorial is a race all Sprintcar drivers aspire to win, congratulations to the Krikke family for establishing such a great race and preserving the memory of Darryl and Jason." Steven Green - Managing Director, Parramatta City Raceway


 "Strong memories still remain of 'The Boys' and their all too brief expeditions across the Nullarbor to Victoria but with the continued exposure of this prestigious race, Daryl and Jason will never be forgotten. Like everyone, 'DK' left me with so many funny and memorable moments but nothing more treasured than his right rear Hoosier on a weld wheel from his first ever 'Classic' A-Main. Like the rest of Australia I thought it was the beginning of great friendships and race careers for the talented West Aussies. The stature of this event is only equaled by the immense respect the speedway fraternity had for the popular duo. To Ron, John and families, be proud of the "Krikke Boys Memorial" and be even prouder of 'the boys'!" Regards, Gavin White - Race Announcer, Premier Speedway Warrnambool & Avalon Int. Raceway


"I would like to wish the Krikke family best wishes.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronnie and Johnny Krikke and the memories of their sons. I never had the pleasure of meeting Daryl and Jason,  but I am sure they were talented drivers and gentlemen by knowing their fathers. " Donny Schatz - World of Outlaws Driver


Ron, John and all the Krikke family, Sprintcar racing has no peer for excitement, thrills and the unknown. Good racing gives us good memories, may this race give your family cherished memories of the 'boys'!" David Lander - Promoter



"The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum  in Knoxville, Iowa, U.S.A., wishes the Krikke family of Western Australia the very best for the annual Krikke Boys Shootout at the  Bunbury City Speedway. It is important to always keep the spirit of Darryl and Jason Krikke alive, and we applaud the efforts of the Krikke family, promoters, teams, sponsors, media, manufacturers and fans for doing just that! Good-luck all!" Tom Schmeh - Executive Director, Knoxville Raceway Sprintcar Hall of Fame


"Hello from the USA ! I am racing at Devils Bowl this weekend with the World of Outlaws, but I know the Krikke Boys Shootout is coming up and I wanted to send my best wishes to everyone at the event. I've had the  opportunity to spend a lot of time with the Krikkes' over the years and they are some of the finest people our sport has to offer. Ryan was crew member on our Elden Pennzoil WoO team a few years back and we had a blast working together. It's been a while since I raced in Australia , but maybe one of these days I'll be able to make it back for  another round of racing down under. Once again, good luck and I hope you all have a great event!" Jac Haudenschild - World of Outlaws Driver

"We want to take a minute to wish everyone in the Krikke family a big hello from Ohio ! It's not everyday people get the chance to run into folks like you, but we did just that in 2001. It was an honor and a privilege to spend the afternoon with you before the Big One at Eldora and we appreciate your tips in how to play Aussie Rules Football in the cornfields here! Our best wishes for a safe and exciting event. We hope to see you  again on your next trip to the States!" The Bateman Family - Clyde , Chris, Jonathan, Emily, and  Molly


"Since the tragic loss of the Krikke Boys five years ago their memorial race has rightfully become one of Australia's most prestigious Sprintcar events. It has grown in stature and I would like to congratulate the promotion team in Western Australia for their endeavor leading up to this event. Best wishes to the Krikke Family and everyone else involved and with the running of this year's event. I speak for all crow eaters when I say that Ron and the Krikke family in general were always warmly received in South Australia !" Lee Hanatschek - Speedway Announcer and PR manager


"It is an honor and pleasure to know the Krikke family. The Hospitality shown by the Krikke family when I visited Western Australia was terrific and I assure you such genuine kindness is not easily forgotten! May the running of the Krikke Boys Shootout be a great one. Take it Easy!" Mike Nelligan - MSPN Photos


"May I take this opportunity to wish the Krikke Family all the very best. The Krikkes' are like a family to me - always have been. They are a big reason why I love coming to WA to race. Western Australia is so very lucky to have the Krikke family there as they are genuine, decent people who treat everyone as equals." Trevor Green - Sprintcar Driver.


"Ron Krikke – the people's champion... Whether he was blasting to the front or shot-putting a second placed trophy into the grandstand, RK or Boofa has always had the crowd going in some form or another. That famous three fingered waving action, that cheeky grin, that insatiable desire to win – that's what I remember about Ron Krikke. I remember him sticking Garry Sartori into the Claremont back straight fence big time and then letting Jeff Leisk take the blame in the Kendrick team car – thank God Ronny for identical colour schemes. Letting the odd 'f' word go as he bumbled through Celebrity Head at the Driver's Revue, dancing with Shane Murphy with a VB can in his hand at that same show. If you ever needed a crowd reaction – be that a boo or a cheer, Ronnie always got them wound up. But we all saw a human side of the man who was often like a machine. Tragic events showed the fans who often booed him that the Bunbury Bullet had a big heart. Darryl gave his Dad his fans back. Boofa is a true friend to so many people. It's a mark of his character and his personality that here you all are, some 3 years after he last raced a Sprintcar seriously, and we're still celebrating a glittering career. A lousy golfer – man you should hear him swear and smack the club into the ground when the 3 wood goes astray – but a true friend, RK is indeed the people's champion. Congratulations Boofa on this honour and on two decades in Sprintcar Racing. As Adam Brand once let me say in a song that was pretty popular at the time, 'Here's the boss of the Sprintcar Bullring, the Bunbury Bullet banking the cheque on the final corner. Krikke smokes 'em, ooh yeah that one's for the boys!!!' Good on ya Boofa." Wade Aunger - CEO World Series Sprintcars


"Well another year has gone by without 'the boys'. it seems like not so long ago you could hear Darryl's booming voice and laughter over everything else in the pits. The Krikke family have been so good to the sport of Sprintcar racing and while it has been good to them, it has also been cruel. As a family, the Krikkes' have been through everything. From the highs of winning Australian and state titles (and numerous other big events) to the lows of losing two of WA's best blokes. Shane Krikke 's battle is proof of their fighting spirit and while there is a race to be run and won, there is a more important reason for the Krikke Boys Shootout - to remember a couple of mates. After the race, no matter who wins or loses, go to turn 5 and have a couple drinks - FOR THE BOYS!" David Geneve



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